My Mission


Hi, I’m Shane McLeay, entrepreneur, author, mentor, father and I believe in a brighter, better world. I'm grateful to be able to live life on my terms, and I am committed to fulfilling my purpose. This wasn’t always the case, it took me a long time to get to this point. I really appreciate you taking the time to visit my site and getting to know a little more about me.

I created as a tool where I could share my journey in life and to also give back. Basically, I love what I do and it very much involves helping others achieve their dreams and at a greater level, their life purpose.


I am here to live my life without envy, hate or greed, it is my desire to be the best possible version of myself that I can be. I desire to help humanity rise to its full potential and to leave this world a better place than when I arrived. I seek to live my life in peace and to share love and light wherever I go. I long to help others recognise, realise and fulfil their own unique journey. I want to give back more than I take. Above all, I want to be as real and as raw as I possibly can be. I walk the road less travelled and I walk it in confidence and with a knowing that I'm here for more.

My VISION is simple:

My vision and desire is to help as many people as possible discover their unique purpose and to give them them the keys to a  life of freedom and purpose where they too can live life on their terms, I am really passionate about this.

I know that within each one of us is greatness and when that greatness is realised we can live an empowered life, achieving the unachievable.

When I help people uncover and walk in their purpose, it is one of the greatest feelings I have ever known.

Life Wasn't Always Like This, Let’s Start At The Beginning:

My earliest memories were of having a sense that I was here for more, more than just going to school, getting a job, getting married and dying. Like so many others I felt as though I never truly belonged, even with my family, I never felt that sense of belonging that I thought I was supposed to.

School was no different, I was a terrible student, I just didn’t fit into the mould of what a perfect student should be. I spent most of my schooling years looking out classroom windows thinking that there must be more.

After leaving school at the age of fifteen and being told by my high school principle, Mr Hopkins that I would amount to nothing, I embarked on my real education in the school of life, in the real world. I got a job within days because I wanted to get on with life.

After some terrible jobs and experiences I soon found my niche in the world of sales. I was so blessed to be taken under the wings of some amazing entrepreneurs and mentors at such an early age and it was during my late teens I saw the value of having mentors in my life, something I maintain in my life to this very day.

One of the driving forces in my life was my thirst for spiritual truth, this made for a very interesting journey.

And The Plot Thickens:

After continuing in my sales career I bought my first business, a failing phone store in the year 2000. In its first six months it had only turned over $14000 and the owners were going to close it down, seeing the opportunity in the emerging mobile phone market and armed with vision, passion and determination I turn the business into a $1.3 million annual turnover within three years. I then expanded the business into other locations and then purchased other businesses and repeated the process.

During this time I also studied theology and became a pastor in mainstream Christianity. This was so far from my purpose and the christian faith never truly resonated with me, unfortunately that part of my life was spent trying to please others and live up to the expectations they had placed on me for my life.

After many years and taking a heavy hit from the GFC of 2008 I sold my businesses and left the world of christianity to continue   exploring spirituality on a more raw and real level. I began to read like never before and I surrounded myself with mentors who could help me expand my thinking. I also studied neuro marketing and entered into a very successful career in television marketing. This move made a lot of sense to me because I had built my businesses through marketing.

After becoming disillusioned with the greed and control of the corporate media I left to create my own six figure income business within my first twelve months. In 2018 I wrote two books, Heart Marketing, a marketing book based on my ideas, philosophies and real experiences,  the second book I released was called Thirsty, a spiritual book based on my life journey, philosophies and experiences. Both of these books became number one best sellers which I was realy proud of as I remembered my high school principles parting words to me.

In life I learned to follow my passion and purpose and now I mentor others into doing exactly the same.

Thanks for visiting and I really look forward to meeting you some day soon.